Home Edition

Elevate Your Work Space At Home

Whether you are new to working from home or are a seasoned WFH warrior, hopefully you’re not working from your sofa, bed, kitchen table, or, just as bad, a traditional desk. Improper ergonomics can cause bodily pains and injury.

And all that sitting is not good for your health. Studies have shown that prolonged sitting may be linked to heart disease, obesity, and worse. The best idea is to move throughout the day, alternating between sitting and standing.

A height-adjustable desk is an ideal solution for both ergonomics and health. You can quickly adjust the desk in micro-increments to your most comfortable sitting or standing position. A height-adjustable desk promotes movement, creating a healthier you.

Office Edition

Elevate Your Employees’ Work Space

Businesses are looking at office spaces and their employees’ presence in them through a new lens as workers return to the office, but many in a different way, moving to a hybrid part-office and part-home work scenario.

This has been coupled with an increasing employee desire to improve health and be less sedentary. At the office and at home, we all have been doing #TooMuchSitting.

So businesses like yours are banishing the blocky, traditional desk or rigid cube space in favor of flexible height-adjustable desks to address these emerging trends.

Industry Edition 

Elevate Your Production Work Spaces

Improve production efficiency and reduce employee injury with height-adjustable workstations. Join other manufacturing facilities that are investing in height-flexible desks, tables and work benches for their warehouses, offices, workshops and docks.

Demand for all types of height-adjustable desks is increasing due to a growing focus on functionality and ergonomics at production facilities. Whether it be small mobile laptop desks, work benches or tables, all can be adjusted to fit the user.

Correct ergonomics means the table is the right height to fit each individual and the type of work being done. That means better employee comfort, increased productivity, fewer work-related injuries and fewer missed work days.


Hospitality Edition

Elevate Your Guests’ Work Space

Innovate the seldom-used but essential hotel room desk. Join the many hoteliers who are moving to functional, height-flexible work tables in their communal work stations and hotel rooms to better suit each business guest’s personal work style, whether it be to sit or stand in private or in a social work space.

Guest Work Spaces Re-imagined with Actiforce’s Line of Desks
The ideal ergonomics of each Actiforce height-adjustable desk is customizable for every guest, whether they sit or stand. Either by motor or hand crank, guests can adjust desk heights in micro-increments to dial-in the perfect position.

The clean lines of the Actiforce desk frame comes in a variety of color options to fit with your hotel decor, and in a wide range of sizes, from a small mobile electric desk to a standard-size single desk or a six-seater large group desk.

Education Edition 

Elevate Your Students’ Learning Space

Your students’ learning comprehension is top priority. Yet they live in a world where they are more sedentary and easily distracted, hardly ideal for the best learning. Height-adjustable desks can change that.

Studies show that students who stand during class are more focused, engaged, and have less pent-up energy. Alternating periods of sitting with standing is ideal for learning and wellbeing.

That’s why schools are investing in height-adjustable desks, whether equipping each classroom with a few desks or outfitting the whole school. Standing actually helps kids learn and improves their health.

Teachers and staff can also benefit from standing during the workday, creating healthier educators and better work satisfaction.

Care Edition

Elevate Your Healthcare Work Spaces

Medical facilities are increasingly investing in height-adjustable desks for doctors, nurses, technicians and administrative staff. The desks allow staff to be more efficient, prevent injury and promote healthier employees.

Small, mobile laptop desks are invaluable for physicians to efficiently move from one exam room to the next, with patient records at their fingertips and the ability to comfortably take notes. This allows maximum focus on patient care.

Height-flexible desks are also a smart investment for shared medical workstations, so multiple users can adjust the desk to individual ergonomic preferences, whether sitting or standing.

Administrative staff can benefit from a sit-stand desk, too. Studies show too much sitting can lead to cardiovascular disease, obesity and worse. Movement improves health, productivity and work satisfaction. But standing all day isn’t good either; alternating between sitting and standing is ideal for wellbeing.