Dutch & Danish design, German engineering


Although they are assembled in Asia, our products are designed in our European offices. Since 2004 Actiforce has grown from a company selling one product line – based on our patented Vision Lift® system – into an all-round designer and producer of height-adjustable solutions. Our Research & Development department is the driving force behind our product innovation. R&D is always searching for ways to create new solutions or improve on existing ones, with inspiration at the heart of what they do.

Tailor-made for all sorts of businesses

In addition to our standard Aluforce and Steelforce product lines we design and produce tailor-made solutions which are the outcome of co-creation with our customers. These special height-adjustable systems have all of the Actiforce products’ technical characteristics, but carry our customers’ brand. The skilled/expert sales team in your region can help you mould your height-adjustable wishes into a perfect product.

Delivery from stock

Customers that are looking for height-adjustable solutions can contact one of Actiforce’s five proactive sales organisations worldwide. These organisations act as the front offices of our R&D, Operations, Finance and Marketing & Communication departments.

Research & Development


Our height-adjustable frames for ergonomic desks are the outcome of an inspired Research & Development team seeking new solutions. Please view our Aluforce and Steelforce products, or co-design your very own tailor-made product with our team.