Active and Dynamic Working
During the day most of the time we are inactive. We eat, drive, work and watch TV sitting down. This sedentary behaviour causes health risks and can be prevented by introducing: Active Dynamic Working, by using a Height Adjustable Desk. Discover our range of height adjustable table frames here!
Bamboo Accessories
We wanted to design and create a new sustainable solution to our existing accessory line. By using bamboo, which is one of the most environmentally-friendly resources, and at same time will bring the beauty of nature into your office space.
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The Originals

In 2004 we began with the production of the Aluforce Pro 150 and Pro 250 product lines, both made of aluminium and both featured the patented Vision Lift ®. 
Together with our Steelforce Pro 100 and Pro 200 series, they are our original family of height adjustable sit-sit and sit-stand solutions. 

The SLS Collection

We created the SLS Collection to complete our range of desk frames. Whether operated manually or silently driven by two motors, the SLS frames stand out through the variations of legs and a simple and modern design.


The Elements desks are sit-stand workstations with a CABLETOP®, which is a tabletop with an integrated control box, an integrated hand switch and integrated cable management.

Thanks to its innovative and resource saving design comprising a HPL coated Lisocore CABLETOP® and a powder coated linear drive unit made from steel, it was possible to use 40 percent less tabletop and 10 percent less steel.


The range of accessories we offer are useful add-ons to our desk frames to personalise and manage your work space the way you choose.