Sustainability that moves you


Our program Green Projects supports our focus in creating a more sustainable and responsible way of living. Through our sponsorship with Black Jaguar Foundation, WWF and our project Less Paper - implementation of digital manuals instead of paper manuals for all our products within 2024. Learning people about the importance of movement and change of their ergonomic position during work. Creating solutions that not only have a functional purpose but mean for a healthier living. By the combination of well-designed products and green responsibility, we bring sustainability that moves you and ensure our aim for a greener and healthier living is getting possible.

WWF - with our help

Since January 2020, Actiforce is a proud  WWF business supporter. We support a project called “Free the sea”. With the help of business supporters, WWF wants to stop the enormous plastic flow to the seas. Starting in the Coral Triangle, the global centre of marine biodiversity. With our help, they can send veterinarians to this area to safe the sea animals, they can install systems in the rivers that catch all the plastic and prevent it to end up in the seas. They even take plastic out of the sea with boats. Because many people in the Coral Triangle don’t have access to a waste disposal service, WWF and the local authorities started two waste disposal services. Here the waste can be sorted out and be recycled. 


As part of our Green Projects and our wish to take more responsibility for our planet, we have created a line of eco-friendly alternatives in bamboo material instead of plastic. Plastic has had a dramatic impact on our lives. For decades it was a material we took for granted. We threw it away, we produced more and we used more. From its ubiquity and many valued uses through to the resulting mass of the stuff now floating in the world’s Oceans, we have lived through many years full of plastic. Bamboo is also a material that can offer many of the same properties as plastic. It is durable, versatile and strong.

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The Black Jaguar Foundation

We are a proud supporter of the Black Jaguar Foundation, an organisation that diligently fights for the restoration and conservation of the Cerrado savannah and the Amazon rainforest. One of the Black Jaguar Foundation projects focuses on realising the reforestation of the Araguaia passage. This is a 2,600 kilometre passage that connects the Cerrado savannah with the Amazon rainforest and ensures that biodiversity is maintained and potentially improved in these regions. We support the Black Jaguar Foundation because we value and respect all forms of life and are convinced that everything possible must be done to save the ‘world’s lungs’. It is, after all, vital that this region can continue to provide us with oxygen, fresh water and medicinal plants.