flexible and individual custom made
er-T-go Pro 1 Hand crank sit/sit er-T-go Pro 1 Hand crank - Standard er-T-go Pro 1 Hand crank - 90° er-T-go Pro 1 Hand crank - 120° er-T-go Pro 1 Motor - Standard er-T-go Pro 1 Motor - 90° er-T-go Pro 1 Motor - 120° er-T-go Pro 2 Motor - Standard er-T-go Pro 2+ Motor er-T-go Pro 2+ Motor CL Multitable er-T-go Pro 1 Hand crank sit/sit

About us

Height adjustable desk and table frames

Actiforce specializes in developing, producing and distributing height adjustable desk frames. We are the owner of the patented Vision Lift® drive, which ensures a swift and stable height adjustment for our tables and other furniture systems for various applications.


The Actiforce group is a globally active enterprise and supplier for manufacturers and distributors of office furniture worldwide. We offer height adjustable desk frames with hand cranks or electric motors, manufactured out of aluminum and steel. Take a look at our product section to see our range of sit stand desk frames adjusted electric or by hand crank


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